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Dec 2016
Shannon Code
Dec 13 2016 19:16
@juanfranblanco I'm blown away by all the work put into this lib
I installed the alpha version of Visual studio for Mac and had the azure block storage project running in no time.
The wallet was less obvious to get running on Mac but I'll worry about that another time
@juanfranblanco have you or anyone else done any work on generating classes from a solidity contract?
Or generating a solidity contract from a c# class
Shannon Code
Dec 13 2016 19:22
Also... any work done on ledger event subscribing?
I'm looking for web3 filtering but using websockets or (preferably) http/a callback urls
And ... and... omg I've got all the questions, I want to build all of the things.
I like go and nodes but man my roots are c#
I'm so ridiculously excited right now