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Jan 2017
Priyank Jani
Jan 20 2017 07:47
HI, My ethereum node is hosted on Ubuntu server and My application is on windows environment at different location. Now I want to access Ubuntu's node from my C# application, How can do that? I have tried it by web3js object, but not got success. Anyone please help me out?
Juan Blanco
Jan 20 2017 11:12
it will be normally on http://ip:8545
(ubuntu ip)
when creating a new instance of Web3 pass the url
if using web3js from a browser you will need to use put the cors domain
also when starting geth don't forget to put the --rpc flag
Juan Blanco
Jan 20 2017 11:19
geth --rpc --rpccorsdomain "*" --rpcapi "eth,web3,personal,net,miner,admin,debug" --ipcapi "eth,web3,personal,net,miner,admin" --verbosity 0 console
the above opens everything