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Feb 2017
Juan Blanco
Feb 12 2017 05:54
pragma solidity ^0.4.0;
contract test{
struct Funder {
address addr;
uint amount;
struct Campaign {
    address beneficiary;
    uint fundingGoal;
    uint numFunders;
    uint amount;
    Funder[] funders;
mapping (uint=> Campaign) public campaing;
mapping (uint => Funder[]) public funders;

Try this ^^^ instead of mapping use an array
the uint in both mappings is campaign index
(if you need that)
the abi does not provide an accessor for mappings on a struct
Dean P. Ottewell
Feb 12 2017 10:40
Fantastic and thanks! That pretty much exactly what I did in the end, just had a self managed map container :)
Juan Blanco
Feb 12 2017 12:53