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Feb 2017
Nelson V. Taveras
Feb 21 2017 09:52

Hey guys, I'm trying to get the balance of an ERC20Token contract on a previous block (similar to the way the eth_getBalance rpc can take a block parameter).

After loading the contract and getting a reference to the function, I see that the CallAsync method has an overload which takes CallInput(), BlockParameter and params object[] functionInput, however when I try to pass the block number, I always get 0 as a result

It works fine if I use the overload that only takes params object[] functionInput, I'm able to get the balance on the latest block
Is there any way to do this?
Feb 21 2017 12:28
While trying to execute a transaction from sender x to receiver y, i'm getting the "unknown account" exception! Executing the transaction this way:
new TransactionInput(
new HexBigInteger(NodeAPI.Convert.ToWei(0.1)),
new HexBigInteger(NodeAPI.Convert.ToWei(ammount))
just check the chain node and both accounts are present on the node, and i'm able to get the balance from them...
... and the code unlock successfully the sender account before executing the transaction!
any hints on this!? Thanks in advance dudes!