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Apr 2017
Juan Blanco
Apr 01 2017 05:15
@evo01 have a thought overnight on what you wan to do
if you want to "replace" edjecase.client
you can create a new implementation of IClient
same as IpcClient or RpcClient
RpcClient wraps edjeCase RpcClient
there are areas that more than one call are made
depends on the complexity of the call / transaction
interceptors and transaction managers which allow for offline signing, they may do more one call in "the middle". This is core functionality as it is part of identity, of course if you work in a custom environment were can rely on signing somewhere else, and this want be an issue
Juan Blanco
Apr 01 2017 05:22
Now, I thought it will be a good idea to create a rpc model which is not dependent edjeCore (mainly requests and responses which can be mapped to the edjeCore provider)
aiming to have the capability of different RPC providers
Juan Blanco
Apr 01 2017 05:27
this will add a level of complexity of mapping if not creating a custom one
Evobolics Digital, LLC
Apr 01 2017 18:36
Not 10% sure if I am following yet
not 100% sure if I am following yet
are you going to be around on Monday? When is a good time to chat?