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Apr 2017
Andres G. Aragoneses
Apr 11 2017 02:57
Lucas Cullen
Apr 11 2017 03:40
Got some inheritance questions. If i deploy base contract. Then I assume i just deploy parent contract?
How does the parent know the base?
And then the ABI files... I have 2? One for the base, one for the parent? Can i merge so I can use one abi?
Juan Blanco
Apr 11 2017 04:55
@bitcoinbrisbane just use the child contract as they are merged into 1
Juan Blanco
Apr 11 2017 10:36
@/all rc3 is out, includes fixes for keystore, a uport registry and new cli for code generation of services
so now to code generate your services you can use vscode or the cli
later on a extension for normal visual studio will be created