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Apr 2017
Lucas Cullen
Apr 12 2017 04:54
Thanks @juanfranblanco , i see it now on the .abi
Question: How do you get the value out of a mapping, if its not a DTO? Like a balanceOf in a standard ERC20?
        var return0 = await balanceOfFunction.CallDeserializingToObjectAsync<Int64>("address", "0xb712a7797a7d52fe92d17a5e251aa19784cd18b0");
Lucas Cullen
Apr 12 2017 05:00
I get a System.ArgumentException : Generic Type should have a Function Ouput Attribute exception. Do I need to make a DTO with an Int64 property?
Juan Blanco
Apr 12 2017 09:17
@bitcoinbrisbane just use balanceOfFunction.CallAsync<>
also check the services code generator in the solidity vs code extension
that generates all the different calls for your abi
or transactions
events, dtos etc