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May 2017
Andres G. Aragoneses
May 10 2017 02:19
again, I reply to myself: I found the method: EthECKey.GenerateKey()
Juan Blanco
May 10 2017 15:32
@knocte great you got sorted. All the samples of key management are in KeyStore Sample
May 10 2017 15:53

@juanfranblanco I have been trying to write a unit test using the Nethereum TestRPC runner by it does not seem to launch testrpc. Web3 is not able to connect when getting the first account. I get the error

EdjCase.JsonRpc.Client.RpcClientUnknownException : Error occurred when trying to send rpc requests(s)
----> System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException : An error occurred while sending the request
----> System.Net.WebException : Error: ConnectFailure (Connection refused)
----> System.Net.Sockets.SocketException : Connection refused

If I ruyn testrpc manually from my terminal, I don't get this error.

Here's the code snippet I use:

Any idea?

Juan Blanco
May 10 2017 22:14
@olibd do you have testrpc running already in the background?
or do you have node part of your path?