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May 2017
Juan Blanco
May 31 2017 12:32
@jcalixv I believe you are not using enough gas when deploying the contract
hence nothing happens
after deploying the contract use web3.Eth.GetCode.SendRequestAsync("contract address") and see if the result is 0x
if it is this is probably the issue, you can try to use remix solidity browser to see how much gas you will need (and double it ) as it is not full proof
after this it might be also an issue when sending the transaction
Tom Seddon
May 31 2017 17:13
Does anybody know what compatibility with Unity3D 5.6 is like? The Unity3D+UWP YouTube vid says it's Xbox/UWP only - I don't want to restrict myself just to that - but the video is quite old.
May 31 2017 19:59
Hello Juan, thank you very much for your reply.
I run the command, from .NET and geth console: the return is not just 0x
it is a big number: 0x6060604052361561008b5763ffffffff7c010000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000060003504166329
By the way, I call the contract from geth console, and the same behavior, the Transaction returns a hash, but neither the insertEvent fired or the record gets save on the array collection.
May 31 2017 20:07
and final note, the contract calls that just makes reads works fine, from both .NET and Geth console.
but the writes, only works when I send 1 parameter, and no longer than a few number or chars (ex. 15, or "Hola15") if I tried to send somethig as large as a GUID the write request never executes...
Any help will be more than appreciated. I know now, this is a problem in Ethereum Geth, not Nethereum.