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Jun 2017
Glenn Stempeck
Jun 11 2017 03:37

@juanfranblanco Hey sir, hope all is well - any idea what i might be doing wrong here with Nethereum? I have a solidity contract deployed that works in Mist but building upon Nethereum.Web.Sample I created a simple test function and tried to invoke it in Netherum but it says function not found -

in .sol
function getCountyAddress() constant returns(address) {
        return _countyAddress;

in visual studio
public string GetCountyAddress()
            var getCountyAddress = this._contract.GetFunction("getCountyAddress");
            var input = getCountyAddress.CallAsync<string>().Result;
            return input;

abi matches, it can get the contract and see the function (this._contract.GetFunction works) but invocation fails when I CallAsync.

Inner Exception 1:
MissingMethodException: Method not found: '!!0 EdjCase.JsonRpc.Client.RpcResponseExtensions.GetResult(EdjCase.JsonRpc.Core.RpcResponse, Boolean, Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializerSettings)'.
check this stack overflow
(well seems to be)
Jun 11 2017 09:55
Hi to all.
Good day.
I must to install QT Core Ethereum for use NEthereum library?
Jun 11 2017 10:19
Help me plase.
Glenn Stempeck
Jun 11 2017 11:57
Thanks @juanfranblanco ! Good lead - i'll dig into that further.
Glenn Stempeck
Jun 11 2017 12:47
Is it expected to map a solidity "address" type as .net "string" type?
Juan Blanco
Jun 11 2017 18:03
@30amak No you don't need to install qt
you need to communicate with a full client (geth, infura which is public, or testrpc )
@gstempeck_twitter yes address maps to string
it might help you the code generator in vscode solidity extension or the console app in releases