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Aug 2017
Juan Blanco
Aug 04 2017 07:19
I will add the overloads to the code generator, the StandardToken was created a long time ago, so i think they are already anyway. Still 0 should not appear anywhere as we are able to override it
what is your context? web, phone, unity
Aug 04 2017 17:19
@juanfranblanco what ide you are using? I try compile nethereum with vs2017,but failed
Aug 04 2017 17:21
vs preview he was using the other day atleast
so 2017 from what i know
what error?
Aug 04 2017 17:22
Reference miss, can not select target framework
Try it with vs2017 community version,that's free
Aug 04 2017 17:23
what reference missing?
Aug 04 2017 17:24
I can fix it,but if I change the reference, other guys maybe get a new error
Aug 04 2017 17:25
yeah thats to do with no target i expect so same issue. just not sure why