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Aug 2017
Aug 21 2017 10:17
if im deploying a contract directly from vscode solidity extension build folder (bin), when I deploy in neth should I manually include the 0x ? im having a trange issue it seems to deploy but it wont let me get any values like supply or balance etc just returns null
Aug 21 2017 11:02
I'm using this: (fixed supply example) do I need this new payable method?
Aug 21 2017 12:52
also.. any ideas on above this was fine before
Juan Blanco
Aug 21 2017 16:19
Aug 21 2017 17:01
yeah its been working fine now I updated geth
and i get that error
but im also having ERC20 deployment issues I think as the address it returns is showing it has nothing (eth.getCode in console)
ill be back on pc later to try again
Aug 21 2017 21:44
The Deploy issue is solved! I had used the wrong overload, I was expecting params[] to take affect but i used a hexbiginteger and that caused a completely different overload to be used :O silly me
now just the method not found issue to resolve!
this standard token stuff is nice Juan gj
hope the trip back was ok