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Oct 2017
Juan Blanco
Oct 14 2017 07:38
@srikanthraov9 is this related to Nethereum?
@lbertenasco nice start, my orignail post assumed already some knowledge on Unity, but I guess it was missing that initial step :). The future documentation will provide eventually that info. Good luck with your project (i wouldnt put so many links about it as it seems a bit click baity, but that is my opinion)
Juan Blanco
Oct 14 2017 07:49
and looking forward to play the game :D
Just upgraded the wallet sample to netstandard latest nethereum (now not portable)
Luciano Bertenasco
Oct 14 2017 16:32
@juanfranblanco Thanks! Yes, I agree on the link overload, I’ll remove the unnecessary ones :smile: