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Oct 2017
Juan Blanco
Oct 15 2017 05:39 UTC
Oct 15 2017 12:55 UTC
Hey @juanfranblanco how can I create a ethereum account implicitly. Suppose I wan to
I want to create an ethereum account when user signs up on my website.
Oct 15 2017 13:24 UTC
I figured out how to create a account 😉 but how to get the private key of that recently created account🤔
Oct 15 2017 20:15 UTC
<Newbie Question> Hello, I've recently started with Linux and BlockChain and now have a dev machine with CentOS+donetcore2.0. I checked out the latest Nethereum code and haven't been able to get it to compile. From what I understand, this is because some of the .csprojs are explicitly targetting framework versions that I do not have on my machine. Is there any workaround for this?
e.g. src/Nethereum.KeyStore.Tests/Nethereum.KeyStore.Tests.csproj: <TargetFramework>netcoreapp1.0</TargetFramework>
src/Nethereum.Parity.Tests/Nethereum.Parity.Tests.csproj: <TargetFramework>netcoreapp1.0</TargetFramework>
src/Nethereum.Quorum.Tests/Nethereum.Quorum.Tests.csproj: <TargetFramework>net462</TargetFramework>
src/Nethereum.RPC.ClassesExtractor/Nethereum.RPC.ClassesExtractor.csproj: <TargetFramework>netcoreapp1.1</TargetFramework>