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Oct 2017
Tomas Tichy
Oct 19 2017 00:33

@ttichy it seems an issue with one of the overloads

@juanfranblanco - the contract address had an extra space at the end :(

Alexander Yarushin
Oct 19 2017 09:06
@juanfranblanco Hi Juan! How can I see if the user setting for compileUsingRemoteVersion has an effect?
Elliot Olds
Oct 19 2017 09:24
I've tried using the same "solidity.compileUsingRemoteVersion" setting as noob in VS Code's solidity extension, and I get this error when I try saving the settings: "[Error - 2:16:55 AM] (node:24299) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Unhandled promise rejection (rejection id: 4): TypeError: Path must be a string. Received null". I can also verify that it's not using the latest solidity version because the syntax checking doesn't recognize the keyword "view". Any ideas?
Juan Blanco
Oct 19 2017 11:59
@ttichy thanks might need to add extra validations for all addresses
@aayarushin no way as a user apart from getting an error if using a lower version
working on that at the moment
@elliotolds are you using a mac or windows
what remote value are you using?
Juan Blanco
Oct 19 2017 12:22
@krgn im glad you are sorted :)
@FirefightGI you will need to compile it first
Juan Blanco
Oct 19 2017 15:38
@elliotolds im blind .. latest
that should be find
Oct 19 2017 18:39
@juanfranblanco Can I compile a contract with Nethereum at runtime (using Unity), if not how can I include a compiler with my application or write my own?
Elliot Olds
Oct 19 2017 19:12
@juanfranblanco I'm using linux mint. yeah, "latest."
Luciano Bertenasco
Oct 19 2017 22:08
I wanted to share the second part of our tutorial (Unity3d + Ethereum Contracts) Hope someone here finds it useful :)