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Oct 2017
Oct 31 2017 06:04
i dont know how to deploy contract in Netherum if you know that kindly help me
Oct 31 2017 08:14
@juanfranblanco thank you again
var transferFromFunction = contract.GetFunction("transferFrom");
var gas = await transferFromFunction.EstimateGasAsync(accountWithTokensAddress, someTestAddressWhereIwantToTransferTokens, 1000);
var result = await transferFromFunction.SendTransactionAsync(myAccountAddress, gas, null,accountWithTokensAddress, someTestAddressWhereIwantToTransferTokens, 1000);
//this code is working
Juan Blanco
Oct 31 2017 09:38
@usernameisalreadytaken1236428934 excellent :)
check that workbook
so you can edit / interact with the steps
Oct 31 2017 09:46
where do i found my private key
or i have to deploy this contract on solidity browser or in the ethereum wallet
Juan Blanco
Oct 31 2017 16:06
check the docs
@vinyyoo ^^
that explains all the different accounts, if you want to create one, etc
let me know if you have any issues