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Nov 2017
gaitchs gangmei
Nov 02 2017 17:13
Juan, I'm a newbie learning to code c# in unity . Came across nethereum and would like to learn to integrate ethereum in unity . But I want to start from basics so I create a simple interface on unity
Would u guide me on how to check balance and setup the connection
Nov 02 2017 18:10
Hello, what is a correct way to estimate and provide gas for transactions? It works for DefaultGas * DefaultGasPrice from TransactionManager, but how to estimate these values for each transaction to not overpay? I need to send all the balance from some addresses.
zeeshan taj
Nov 02 2017 21:32
how do you send multiple transactions ? I always get an error if I launch 3 new requests and without waiting for receipt id .. before creating another one
this is the error
replacement transaction underpriced
zeeshan taj
Nov 02 2017 21:47
i read your comment to a similar issue reported here.. you (Juan ) replied that the nonce is getting repeated. So how do you make sure nonce is not repeated?