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Nov 2017
Veikko Eeva
Nov 15 2017 05:15
Quickly before hopping into a train, I wonder, thinking of that top score service that how should I think about creating a source-sink scenario where I'd like to have one source generating output and then have a sink spending some of that output but not more and maybe not all.
(Absent for a while, bus and then to train.)
Juan Blanco
Nov 15 2017 07:30
@tatigo yes cast it to an int
@veikkoeeva ?
@EdsonAlcala ha ha ha :D
@tatigo I have not been able to push this, maybe tonight
Nov 15 2017 12:52
As per instruction I am using to send transaction
But is it required to run geth in server?
gaitchs gangmei
Nov 15 2017 13:07
why so hard to verify code
in etherscan
Nov 15 2017 15:44
the VisualStudio Code extension doesn't seem to work anyomore
how can i get the .abi otherwise?
Rickard Öh
Nov 15 2017 16:10
Hi! I have deplyed a private ethereum blockchain using: , I then try to use the sample: Nethereum.Tutorials\Nethereum.Tutorials\Deployment\Deployment.cs only adding the created Azure RPC endpoint ( I then get following error:
Message: Test method Nethereum.Tutorials.Deployment.ShouldBeAbleToDeployAContract threw exception: Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client.RpcResponseException: The method miner_start does not exist/is not available
I am able to deploy to local chain. I can also deploy to the azure blockchain using Truffle migrate. Any ideas?
Nov 15 2017 16:14
oh, ok found that bin!
Rickard Öh
Nov 15 2017 16:16
Nov 15 2017 16:29
nop, gone again. so it like works only sometimes :)
ok, so, compile currnet contract works, but compile all contracts doesn't