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Nov 2017
Nov 16 2017 08:18
Hi guys, I am trying to create multisig smart contract and call it via Nethereum, do you have experience with it and do you have any code example.
Ganesh Prasad Kumble
Nov 16 2017 08:42
Hi @juanfranblanco and Nethereum community!
We're developing a Proto app that has a wallet feature that's gotta display the balance of both ETH and the tokens
We are able to retrieve the balance of an ethereum account address
But we're totally lost in retrieving the token balance.
Provided I've got the account address and address of the token's Smart contract, how can I get the token balance? Pls help 😀
if infact they are EIP20 compatible tokens
alterntively you would need to use the Contract related stuff
@kalasp_twitter did you pass the extra command line paramters to the daemon to tell it to expose those RPC Calls?
Rickard Öh
Nov 16 2017 10:06
@kaista82_twitter Hmm how do I do that? The server side in Azure should be properly configured since I can connect to contracts using metamask or web3?
Nov 16 2017 12:18
@kalasp_twitter maybe I misunderstand then, web3 is what you would use I think, im not sure you how you start your geth/whatever your daemon is though
but those calls generally wont be available by default and you have to pass command line arguments to open them up
Nov 16 2017 13:58
@juanfranblanco did you have a chance to create multisig smart contract, what should be passed to transaction 's data - Transaction data payload. thanks in advance
Rickard Öh
Nov 16 2017 14:51
@kaista82_twitter I might have missunderstood. My reasoning is that since I can talk to my blockchain using Metamask or web3 then Nethereum should be able to talk to it? Meaning I shouldnt have to reconfigure geth on the transaction node? There must be some Nethereum missconfiguration? I would be happy to give you the url to try it out if you have the time.
Edson Alcalá
Nov 16 2017 16:21
@kalasp_twitter have you fixed the issue?
Nov 16 2017 20:14
@kalasp_twitter ahh I understand, yeah if web3 works via rpc to the right url:port so should nethereum and therefore the instance must be setup right if you're calling methods and its responding, are you using web3.js on the client machine?