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Nov 2017
Rickard Öh
Nov 19 2017 09:24
@juanfranblanco Ok thanks. Will try it out tomorrow. And get back to you =)
Nov 19 2017 15:01
any way to identify What Ethereum wallet using by address?
Juan Blanco
Nov 19 2017 20:03
@devsharp4 what do you mean?
Nov 19 2017 21:21
Hey Juan, I am trying to create a very basic console application that just communicates with a basic smart contract
I am using testrpc, and the script you provided to create the keys works successfully, and I can send the unlock command to the testrpc server, but I get an error in my code saying account not found
Have you seen this before?
I am hardcoding in the key and password into the account object; I just copy and pasted the first of the 10 created keys password
Then I call:
var account = new ManagedAccount(senderAddress, password);
var web3 = new Nethereum.Geth.Web3Geth(account, "http://localhost:8545");
        var unlockAccountResult =
            await web3.Personal.UnlockAccount.SendRequestAsync(senderAddress, password, 120);
but that unlock method throws back the account not found error
Nov 19 2017 21:32
Is it because I am using Nethereum.Geth.Web3Geth instead of an rpc command? I'm a bit lost