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Nov 2017
Nov 23 2017 04:47 UTC
@baburajan this seems like issue with your project references version.
You need to check all project references dll's version
Babu Pillai
Nov 23 2017 06:08 UTC
Yes it is, I am trying but can't figure it out, there are too many.
what should be the project framework? '.NET Framework 4.5.1'
Juan Blanco
Nov 23 2017 08:18 UTC
@baburajan visual studio community 2017 should never be an issue (I use it on another development pc :) )
yes it is 4.5.1, note that it uses MsTest as opposed to XUnit due to conflicting System.Net.Http in netstandard
Babu Pillai
Nov 23 2017 10:17 UTC
I am not very familiar with unit/MsTest, do need to change any configuration path or anything?
Babu Pillai
Nov 23 2017 10:25 UTC
Ok, now after removing all the test projects it is working…