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Nov 2017
Juan Blanco
Nov 25 2017 06:44
@triston_abhi_twitter reduce the stored data, store the data in swarm / ipfs and include the hash in Ethereum
zeeshan taj
Nov 25 2017 19:37
I have a simple funtion in my contract called canExecute takes unit as input
function canExecute(uint initialLockTime) returns (bool success) {
if (now >= initialLockTime + 3 days) {
        return true;

         return false;
when I am trying to call this via nethereum it says System.Int not supported
var canExecuteFunction = contract.GetFunction("canExecute");
var result = await canExecuteFunction.CallAsync<int>(1511199646);
catch(Exception e)
what am I doing wrong ?
help appreciated
Nov 25 2017 21:28
Hey @juanfranblanco thanks for sending that sample
I am able to read values from contracts using it, but when I try to actually write to the chain, it doesn't seem to work
I am using this:
var writeContract = contractXX.GetFunction("setValue");
List<Object> parameters = new List<object>();
uint paramint = 333;

        var callResultWRITE = await writeContract.CallAsync<uint>(parameters.ToArray());
Does this need to be a transaction if it writes to the blockchain, rather than a call?
Nov 25 2017 21:40
unlocking the account seems to fail with an Account not found error; but I am able to read the account's balance. Is there a way for this to run without the geth testnet?