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Nov 2017
Steve Ruben
Nov 27 2017 00:32
attempting to follow allow with basic tutorial doing multiply function, getting to "SendRequestAndWaitForReceiptAsync" call and nothing returns ever
I take that back after an exceptionally long time this error was raised "Nethereum.RPC.Eth.Exceptions.ContractDeploymentException: Code not deployed succesfully
at Nethereum.RPC.TransactionReceipts.TransactionReceiptPollingService.<DeployContractAsync>d__8.MoveNext()"
Juan Blanco
Nov 27 2017 07:09
you need to download .net core 1.0 for that project
@blgsyrmhnds or wait for it to be updated :)
@csharpyoudull are you miningin?
Ganesh Prasad Kumble
Nov 27 2017 07:10
@juanfranblanco , Pls update the NetCore config for Nhethereum Faucet as well!
Juan Blanco
Nov 27 2017 07:10
check that chain, it unlocks and starts the PoA consensus on launch
Kevin Small
Nov 27 2017 13:37
If anyone is going to Blockchain Summit London in Olympia tomorrow Tue 28th Nov, message me if you'd like to meet up. I'd like to meet any fellow Nethereum enthusiasts!
Juan Blanco
Nov 27 2017 15:22
@KevinSmall hi, I won't be able to go down :(
Kevin Small
Nov 27 2017 15:57
@juanfranblanco no worries, I'll post here if I learn anything interesting
Juan Blanco
Nov 27 2017 15:58
Nov 27 2017 20:46
@KevinSmall thanks :)
Question, going further when Microsoft will launch their COCO and Bletchley frameworks, are there any plans o Nethereum to work with those?
Nov 27 2017 20:50
@juanfranblanco I will look-research documentetion until net core 2.0 I want to add ether and bitcoin payment to my e commerce project is nethereum is enough for this?
Babu Pillai
Nov 27 2017 21:54
from the work book example, to get the estimated gas using "smartContract_transferFunction.EstimateGasAsync(..)", but the smart contract don't have any function like ‘EstimateGasAsync’ is smart contract inherits other function form geth?
            //call the function from the smart contract, 
            //  function transfer(address _to, uint256 _value) returns(bool success)......
            //  function balanceOf(address _owner) constant returns (uint256 balance).....
            var smartContract_transferFunction = smartContractCode.GetFunction("transfer");
            var smartContract_balanceFunction = smartContractCode.GetFunction("balanceOf");

            var newAddress = "0xde0B295669a9FD93d5F28D9Ec85E40f4cb697BAe";

            // retrieve balance of new address using web3 object
            var currentBalance = await this.Web3.Eth.GetBalance.SendRequestAsync(newAddress);
            Console.WriteLine("Address:- " + newAddress);
            Console.WriteLine("currentBalance of New address:- " + Nethereum.Util.UnitConversion.Convert.FromWeiToBigDecimal(
                        currentBalance, 1));

            var amountToSend = 1000;

            // calculate the estimated gas.
            //from where this function is from? 
            //smart contract dont have a function "smartContract_transferFunction.EstimateGasAsync(..)"
            //dose the smart contract inherets other function form geth?
            var gas = await smartContract_transferFunction.EstimateGasAsync(
                SenderAddress, null, null, newAddress, amountToSend);
            Console.WriteLine("Estimated Gas:- " + Nethereum.Util.UnitConversion.Convert.FromWeiToBigDecimal(gas, 1));