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Dec 2017
Juan Blanco
Dec 03 2017 06:31
use the BlockParameter.GetPending()
but i recommend using the same instance of Web3
to keep track of the nonces
as getPending might not return them (yet)
Dec 03 2017 15:56
@juanfranblanco , I want to remember the nonce so that I don't get that nonce error after I restart the application and there's still pending transactions
Can I do this:
var ccc = typeof(AccountSignerTransactionManager).GetField("_nonceCount", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance).GetValue((AccountSignerTransactionManager)_web3.Eth.TransactionManager);
And then save that value to a file and write it to that same field on a new instance of the application again?
Dec 03 2017 17:03
Hmm it seems to work :)