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Dec 2017
Juan Blanco
Dec 08 2017 06:25
@devedse change vscode to use "latest" on user setttings
(might be cheaper an older version)
Dec 08 2017 08:32
Would it be possible to implement something which will calculate a 'per line' gas usage?
Juan Blanco
Dec 08 2017 09:19
I will when I do the evm
hopefully is reliable
actually EstimateGasAsync works very well anyway
for functions when pointing at Geth
if that is what you are after
Deployment is not as good in Geth
Dec 08 2017 14:56
Hello everyone!
I am just new to NEthereum.
Can you please help me, on how to start Sample Application NEthereum.Desktop.Sample app?
I am getting following errro.
Juan Blanco
Dec 08 2017 16:20
that needs to be updated give me a few minutes
Juan Blanco
Dec 08 2017 16:29
pushed a different version, this one gets the balance of the EthFoundation using Infura