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Dec 2017
Juan Blanco
Dec 16 2017 05:46
I have been through the posts from the past 2 days, I would like to say many thanks to @tuyen-vuduc and @EdsonAlcala for stepping in and helping. Also I have noticed that there were some rude comments by @TarrahArshad, next time this happens this needs to be flagged and the person will be removed immediately. We will pass it from now as things have calmed down a bit. The aim of community support is to help each other, knowledge sharing, spot any issues, improvements, new features and simplification of the code which you won't get from external support. Also note there is no problem what level of expertise you have, Nethereum should be able to help anybody with any background, so don't worry if you have just started using c# to post your code.
@tuyen-vuduc Your class extension to provide support for waiting for receipts is great, but I am moving everything to CQS as it is "simpler" (my hope) and avoid confusion with parameters. Nevertheless, the token service might see those features added on the meantime, or having a combination of CQS messaging and generic service classes
Juan Blanco
Dec 16 2017 06:00
Edson Alcalá
Dec 16 2017 12:08
you are a rockstar @juanfranblanco
Juan Blanco
Dec 16 2017 12:13
Fixes an overflow with ManagedAccounts, also includes the start of CQS on StandardToken library
and other bits and bobs
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 16 2017 16:10
@juanfranblanco Thk u. It's slightly easier (for me) to use Rinkeby net. This is what the entire geth command looks like: geth.exe --rinkeby --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal,web3" --rpc console
The rest of my initial toolset includes: MetaMask and Remix. I like the support you've added to VS Code for Solidity but Remix is easier to use to for full cycle deployment and manual testing.
Juan Blanco
Dec 16 2017 19:48
@mwherman2000 yes Rinkeby I see it is a later stage in development, whilst you will do 100s of integration tests and deployments in your local testchain, you would not want to that in Rinkeby.
Re, vs code, yes remix is great, it always has been ;) Once vscode supports UI extensions most of the other visual functionality should be able to be added there. Much handier to have all the source code in one place, same with Visual Studio.
I do use both :)
Or the three !
Juan Blanco
Dec 16 2017 19:54
For quick development, I use remix. When I want to use many solidity files that inherit from eachother, autocomplete, pull out dependencies, etc I use vscode.
To generate c# code i use vscode more than the console app, truffle for unit testing, but i used use dapple.
To step through the stack and test complex stuff, assembly etc, I jump to remix
stack trace in remix
Juan Blanco
Dec 16 2017 19:59
So mainly chose what you need each time. For example ganache / tesrpc is great for debugging but the geth debug is rather slower. Tracing previous transactions is simpler in parity.