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Dec 2017
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 20 2017 01:34
Using Nethereum, how do I set the "extra data" field in a transaction that I want to send?
Dec 20 2017 07:20
hi all, i want to fetch the private key of an existing wallet from a private is this possible .
if it is too unsafe can we at least retrieve the seed phrase for the same using ethereum
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2017 16:22
@mwherman2000 cool
The extra data is the Data field in the TransactionInput
this is where you input the data to interact with smartcontracts
@kiranbasvaraj you can retrieve the keystore file as per geth / parity wallets and supported by Nethereum and decrypt it locally
Dec 20 2017 17:59
Hi Juan,
I tried code from EventFilterWith2Topics.cs v2.2.3 and found that it works only with installed locally geth.exe (not the "testchain\Geth testnet faster mining\windows64\geth.exe"). Can you tell please is there a plan to support also "truffle develop" (returns empty collections now) or testRPC (now fails on web3.Eth.Transactions.GetTransactionReceipt call)?
Juan Blanco
Dec 20 2017 18:00
please dont use that one
that is an old poc on modifying Geth, use clique instead
it is much faster
are you not using Ganache?
Clique uses PoA so it is a simple consensus
and it is nearly instant the same as Parity PoA
you can find them in the test chain folder or
Dec 20 2017 18:04
yes, thanks, already testing clique. I'm not currently informed about Ganache so not using it
Ganache is TestRpc rebranded
it should work the same as geth / parity as it is the blockchain simulator
but let me know of any issues :)
Dec 20 2017 18:05
I see, will check it also. Ok, thanks )