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Dec 2017
Juan Blanco
Dec 28 2017 00:09
yes, they are very nice, I do like the the simple get started. I need to do something similar for workbooks
hopefully will make it easier
Babu Pillai
Dec 28 2017 00:51
Yes, please we need more working code samples. Happy to contribute as much as we can.. Very much appreciate your time
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 28 2017 03:52
@juanfranblanco Per your reference later on, I use the following geth command to connect to the Rinkeby network and expose the default RPC endpoint. Then in my app, I just create an instance of Web3 using the default constructor (with no arguements): geth.exe --rinkeby --rpcapi="db,eth,net,web3,personal,web3" --rpc console
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 28 2017 03:57
If I want to connect to mainnet, I drop the --rinkeby command option (and then wait a couple days for the the block sync to complete ;-) )
Juan Blanco
Dec 28 2017 05:24
@mwherman2000 why not connect to infura?
as a simplistic form ;)
Thanks @b-pillai
Dec 28 2017 11:12
@juanfranblanco suppose i have a one parameter function that needs to be called from nethereum(NON_PAYABLE),how can i do that.
can we use Get Function for this
here you have an example of a transaction and a call
var balanceFunction = contract.GetFunction("balanceOf");
var balanceFirstAmountSend = await balanceFunction.CallAsync<int>(newAddress);
if you run this as a workbook
you can interact with it ;)
also you can use messages as described here
which IMHO is simpler in the long run
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Dec 28 2017 11:55
@juanfranblanco I want to start doing some statistical analysis of the Eth blockchain and I believe it will be more efficient to have a local copy ...only about 21,000 blocks to go this morning ...out of millions.
Juan Blanco
Dec 28 2017 11:56
@mwherman2000 of course
it will be much faster
Dec 28 2017 18:59
web3.OfflineTransactionSigning not in the namespace after I upgrade from 1.0.6 to 2.2.3 ?
Dec 28 2017 19:22

I'm trying to send a transaction to a simple contract:

var result = await setHash.SendTransactionAsync(senderAddress,@"as");


pragma solidity ^0.4.18;

contract Coursetro {

   string fName;

   function setInstructor(string _fName) public {
       fName = _fName;


   function getInstructor() public constant returns (string) {
       return (fName);


But I get an exception:" Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client.RpcResponseException: intrinsic gas too low".
I'm using a test network . The contract does not provide for payment.
Why is this happening? Thanks.

Juan Blanco
Dec 28 2017 19:29
@polats it is a static method now
@Alex-Gorbach you need to provide some gas
You can use estimategasasync from the function
Sebastian Giro
Dec 28 2017 21:59

Hi guys, I'm here with a new question :)

I do a signed transaction, and after I get the TX result I will set a loading to true, then, I need to check when this transaction is mined in the blockchain to update the loading to false.
Similar to web3.eth.getTransactionReceipt(txHash, callback)
How I can achieve this in unity?
Thanks again!

Dec 28 2017 22:11
@juanfranblanco Thanks! Now i understand.