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Dec 2017
Juan Blanco
Dec 29 2017 08:08
@SebastianGiro you will need a coroutine that periodically checks for the transaction receipt and continuous whilst the result is null
Sebastian Giro
Dec 29 2017 19:01
That's what I thought. thanks @juanfranblanco
Sebastian Giro
Dec 29 2017 20:26
Also! Is there a way to set the "nonce" of a request when sending it?
Dec 29 2017 21:39
I believe there is an example of construction the transactionInput where the nonce is one of the property. The default way AFAIK is to get the # of transaction submitted for the sender. This would sort of 'order' multiple transaction submitted. Though you can also keep a counter of your own.
one thing I don't quite understand is this nonce thing, I would think it is a random#(thus nonce) but it actually has the potential of controlling the execution order ? As otherwise, why not generate just a guid