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Jan 2018
Jan 04 2018 00:37 UTC
@juanfranblanco insufficient funds for gas * price + value
Scot Wallace
Jan 04 2018 03:01 UTC
Hi, urgent case! I generated few wallets with Nethereum few months ago and they worked fine but right now when I am making a transaction it always tells me "Invalid account used signing."
Could anyone tell me how to solve this ? I am using 2.2.3
Jan 04 2018 12:29 UTC
Then most likely when initialising your web3, the account that you provided has an incorrect private key
That might actually also answer @TarrahArshad 's question
Is there a way to do a CallAsync for a specific block?
Or, how do you know from what block the data is you just obtained
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Jan 04 2018 15:19 UTC
FYI, I spun up an Ethereum server farm on Microsoft Azure last night as a little experiment. It worked but is very basic. (I'm not endorsing it for regular use but it is a good platform to test against.) I've left some more comments here:
Cuong Vy
Jan 04 2018 17:26 UTC
@nestforce do you keeps the key files and unlock account before making transaction?
Jan 04 2018 19:31 UTC
Any news on an sql server version of Nethereum.BlockchainStorage