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Jan 2018
James Sangalli
Jan 08 2018 03:02
What would you guys like to see in an ethereum wallet that doesn't currently exist?
Chris Mack
Jan 08 2018 07:27

events aren't firing? I've been poking around for this for a day now - so events don't seem to work with ganache/test-rpc - so I set up my local box to connect to our geth rinkeby node. everything works great - I can call our contract and everything is working fine except events are still not firing. I have followed the nethereum tutorials on this and just don't see what I can do to get these working?

sample code:

var filterAll = await swappedEvent.CreateFilterAsync();

var transactionHash = await swapFunction.SendTransactionAsync(_gethNodeSettings.ContractOwner, new HexBigInteger(900000), null, Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(orderId), from, to, amount);

var log = await swappedEvent.GetFilterChanges<SwappedEventDto>(filterAll);

log always comes back with a count of 0 - no events
Juan Blanco
Jan 08 2018 09:58
@nestforce depending on the congestion of the networks miners might have take preference to higher paying transactions
Thanks @James-Sangalli ;)
@chrimack_twitter you have to wait for your transaction to be mined
Chris Mack
Jan 08 2018 11:23
@juanfranblanco - that makes sense, but how should the code be structured then? an await doesn't work - should this be in a loop?
Juan Blanco
Jan 08 2018 11:24
ah.. you can use something like await swapFunction.SendTransactionAndWaitForReceipt ...
once you have the receipt you can test get changes
this uses the PollingService directly
(which is used internally in SendTransactionAndWaitForReceipt)
Luciano Bertenasco
Jan 08 2018 17:04
Hi guys, we just published the 3rd part of our Ethereum + Unity3d tutorial series.
Hope you find it useful :smile:
Edson Alcalá
Jan 08 2018 20:17
que buena Luciano
Luciano Bertenasco
Jan 08 2018 20:21
Gracias @EdsonAlcala ! Thanks to @SebastianGiro who co-authored the post too :)