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Jan 2018
Jan 15 2018 09:49
@CineTekDev_twitter but im dealing with contract. SO the value received from contract is also always in wei?
Ok, that makes things bit more clear. Maye il just stick with 0 decimal places then.
Juan Blanco
Jan 15 2018 17:38
@TarrahArshad that is for Ether
@soend when you send a transaction it is in Wei
use Web3.Convert
@devedse seen it ;)
@ttichy you need to pass a block range if not it won't work
(scanning all chain)
@mwherman2000 have not started porting to Xamarin the controls..
Tomas Tichy
Jan 15 2018 18:51

@juanfranblanco thanks

@ttichy you need to pass a block range if not it won't work

Hey guys - do you run your own nodes or do you use Infura? I like Infura a lot, but the lack of Filtering is kind of limiting
Maximilian Weber MWC
Jan 15 2018 21:00
@ttichy We switched our main backend to javascript where it is actually relatively easy to retrieve the latest events and logs while using Infura - so the answer is we use Infura but the higher the demand the more we might need to look into our own node
Tomas Tichy
Jan 15 2018 21:46
thx @CineTekDev_twitter