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Jan 2018
Mariano Conti
Jan 20 2018 00:01
@kaista82_twitter great! somehow I missed that one
Mariano Conti
Jan 20 2018 00:12
well, couldn't find account.loadfromfile but I did find Nethereum.KeyStore which may be helpful
Jan 20 2018 00:15
Oh ofc you may be right hehe
Sean Finnegan
Jan 20 2018 01:59
hey so what's everyone's thoughts on this
Sean Finnegan
Jan 20 2018 02:19
if I want to set up a tipping structure (i.e. when someone executes a contract, they tip a specified wallet a certain amount of ETH) should I do that in the contract, or externally
Juan Blanco
Jan 20 2018 08:21
@nanexcool yes account loadfromfile is only supported in pure .net451 others is not supported as they are more "portable"
hey @kaista82_twitter how you doing :)
@cowtrix depends ;)