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Jan 2018
Jan 25 2018 03:19
I'm trying to do the example on but when I call var estimatedGas = transferFunction.EstimateGasAsync(senderAddress, null, null, newAddress, amountToSend); I get an exception: System.Exception: 'Invalid value for type 'Nethereum.ABI.Encoders.IntTypeEncoder': Nethereum.Hex.HexTypes.HexBigInteger (Nethereum.Hex.HexTypes.HexBigInteger)'
Not sure where to start looking at what is going wrong. Any hints?
Jan 25 2018 04:27
Hello guys, Please help, i'm getting error,Error occurred when trying to send rpc requests(s). while sending ether from one account to another,
Juan Blanco
Jan 25 2018 12:59
@yltlatl you are passing a HexBiginteger for the token amount instead of an integer / long / BigInteger
Michael Herman (Toronto)
Jan 25 2018 18:00
@juanfranblanco Using Nethereum, it is possible to create a new account that is "live" on an actual network (like Metamask is able to do)? I've read and the above use case doesn;t seem to be covered.
Jan 25 2018 22:03
@juanfranblanco - Thanks! Was misreading the signature...