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Jan 2018
Jan 27 2018 12:27
@juanfranblanco Hi, this NEthereum library is really cool and structured. Nice job. So i have a function in my contract that returns about four uint[] arrays. I've been trying to use functionOutput to deserialize the result to object in my code. But i can't get it to deserialize. Funny thing is, it doesn't even throw like an error. it just goes back to the calling method
function GetMemberships()public returns(
                uint[] membership_Id,
                uint[] membership_MemberId,
                uint[] membership_MembershipExpiryDate,
                address[] membership_MemberAddress,
                uint[] membership_MembershipTierId

                   membership_Id = Membership_Id;
                   membership_MemberId = Membership_MemberId;
                   membership_MembershipExpiryDate =  Membership_MembershipExpiryDate;
                   membership_MemberAddress = Membership_MemberAddress;
                   membership_MembershipTierId = Membership_MembershipTierId;

    public class Membership
        [Parameter("uint[]", "membership_Id", 1)]
        public BigInteger[] Ids { get; set; }

        [Parameter("uint[]", "membership_MemberId", 2)]
        public BigInteger[] MemberIds { get; set; }

        [Parameter("uint[]", "membership_MembershipExpiryDate", 3)]
        public BigInteger[] ExpiryDates { get; set; }

        [Parameter("address[]", "membership_MemberAddress", 4)]
        public string[]  MemberAddresses { get; set; }

        [Parameter("uint[]", "membership_MembershipTierId", 5)]
        public BigInteger[] MembershipTierIds { get; set; }
 public async Task<Membership> GetMemberships(Web3 web3, Contract contract)
            var getMembershipFunction = contract.GetFunction("GetMemberships");
            Membership membership = await getMembershipFunction.CallDeserializingToObjectAsync<Membership>();
            return membership;
Calling the contract function with web3js works very fine. So i don't really feel it's a contract issue. Really need your help with this one @juanfranblanco
Jan 27 2018 14:34

@juanfranblanco . SO i continued searchin online for why i was having that issue. came across this "". so i just used List<BigInteger> rather than BigInteger[]

It works now. Thanks a lot for

Jan 27 2018 19:09
@juanfranblanco hi , how to we can get latest transaction fee ?