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Jan 2018
Jan 29 2018 05:20
Any Idea : How to pass bytes32[] as input parameter to constructor
Jan 29 2018 06:13
@juanfranblanco function Voting(bytes32[] candidateNames) {
candidateList = candidateNames;
I wanted to pass the CandidateName to this constructor
While Deploying If I send a array of string ,I get Too Many Arguments Error
Jan 29 2018 06:21
Ahwww...I got the answer..I have passed as a List and it works
Juan Blanco
Jan 29 2018 09:16
yes an array will be confused with object params[]
Jan 29 2018 10:39
@juanfranblanco Thanks
Hey @juanfranblanco . Goodday. So how do i access the storage variables such as decimal, name, symobl and the balanceOf map of an ERC20-token. i know i can do contract.GetFunction("functionName") to call functions. How about for variables? Looking forward to your reply. Awesome work you're doing with NEthereum
Priyank Jani
Jan 29 2018 22:26
Hi, I am facing this kinda error, can anyone please guide me... "value transfer did not complete most likely as a result of a revert opcode"
I am trying to call a function of contract.
Steve Cross
Jan 29 2018 23:37
Hi, when using SendTransactionAndWaitForReceiptAsync() my receipt's Status always returns as null. I thought this will always be 0 or 1? I am hoping to use this value to confirm if the transaction was successful.