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Feb 2018
Juan Blanco
Feb 02 2018 06:44
You are very welcome and glad you sorted it out
Feb 02 2018 06:55
@juanfranblanco thanks for your concern but it works :) I am able to transfer ether from my multisig contract to any address, do you think I have done something wrong?
Haddar Macdasi
Feb 02 2018 15:10
Hello, I would like to use nethereum with geth as payment processing for a crypto exchange , is it the correct tool for that ? (The hot wallet side)
How can the platform provide each user with new eth deposit address ? And get notified for deposits. As well as how can i send payments?
I have great experience with bitcoin and using bitcoin-qt server option
Juan Blanco
Feb 02 2018 17:00
@Art1987 that is excellent !!! :)
@macdasi it is already used in exchanges
check read the docs
the Accounts section on how to create an account
the smart contract sample it is standard token so that will help too
regarding balances of accounts you can use the Blockchain Storage sample
build your own check for accounts
and standard tokens
or contact one of the explorers?