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Feb 2018
Feb 16 2018 05:35
hrm, nevermind, I'm not sure what I've been doing wrong, but I'm definitely doing something wrong while decoding.
Juan Blanco
Feb 16 2018 09:08
@doreegekku what version of Nethereum Unity are you using? I posted a response for your issue
Juan Blanco
Feb 16 2018 10:04
mainly forgot to say here again, I have implemented (well a combination of the new Mono BigInteger and .net core BigInteger) in Nethereum to avoid the problems we had with the previous Mono implementation
Feb 16 2018 12:04
Hey @juanfranblanco . We're working on a project at the office using Nethereum and IPFS. We need to create a multisig contract. Any help would be much appreciated
Juan Blanco
Feb 16 2018 12:18
check the gnosis one
or christians