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Feb 2018
Feb 18 2018 07:50
hello juan
I don't understand how to use transaction polling to get the result of a transaction that I know the hash of
        var transactionPolling = web3.TransactionManager.TransactionReceiptService;
        var t = new Task<string>(()=>txhash);
        var transactionReceipt = await transactionPolling.SendRequestAsync(()=>t);
that works, but its not nice
Juan Blanco
Feb 18 2018 17:22
Yes it is a bit smelly
I did not want to surface the poll for receipt on the receipt
As there might be other none polling situations in the f
For now cast it to the implemetation, which includes the poll for receipt
Rubén Murillo
Feb 18 2018 18:11

Hello, community, any reason as to why I'm getting this exception when just asking for balance:

Error occurred when trying to send rpc requests(s) ---> System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: An error occurred while sending the reques