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Feb 2018
Feb 28 2018 07:17 UTC
Hi @juanfranblanco , is there a way for me to connect to Rinkeby Testnet and run some testing from there? Currently I'm using the UnitySimpleGame Example and found that I must input the URL for the testnet, but i can't find one for Rinkeby.
Juan Blanco
Feb 28 2018 07:43 UTC
@BradenPorter yes same as the clique one :) glad it helped
Remember to keep the password file and KeyStore folder with the key for the Nethereum test account
And the genesis
@appxplore-tech yes you can, check for a full list of urls. Or the docs
@Hestehviskeren ? You mean a very big integer?
Juan Blanco
Feb 28 2018 07:48 UTC
Feb 28 2018 09:10 UTC
@juanfranblanco many thanks with help :)
Feb 28 2018 10:10 UTC
@juanfranblanco How does the account created through nethereum gets refected in the network?
Juan Blanco
Feb 28 2018 10:33 UTC
it doesn't
none does
once you received an amount of Ether it will be reflected (be part of the network) or if the address is added to an smart contract as part of the state
you can create millions of accounts with any tool, that is the beauty of it, and literally transact offline with them