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Mar 2018
old baker
Mar 02 2018 00:02 UTC

@juanfranblanco Thankful for your awesome work. You really put effort in keeping things up-to-date. Many thanks.

I need help with a modern scenario that is increasingly becoming common - delegated proxy contracts.

I am creating a proxy contract using
My Registry contract implements the IRegistry, but has many other functions.

I need to know how to generate c# service code in this scenario?

shafia ismail
Mar 02 2018 05:56 UTC
Hi guys
i couldn't send ether from one account to another account
can any body help me
it always give me error invalid account usage singing
Mar 02 2018 05:59 UTC
@Vutov I cant use a struct state variable mapping implementation. Instead i need to return multiple variables via return from solidity function. how can i receive those values. I'm getting first value only .
I mean how can i receive a tuple in nethereum
Mar 02 2018 08:32 UTC

@juanfranblanco Hi,how can i use Nethereum to add listener for block and contract change like web3.js
var account_one = web3.eth.accounts[0];
var account_two = web3.eth.accounts[1];

var account_one_balance =;
console.log("account one balance:", account_one_balance.toNumber());

var txhash = metacoin.sendCoin.sendTransaction(account_two, 100, { from: account_one });

var myEvent = metacoin.Transfer(); (err, result) {
if (!err) {
if (result.transactionHash == txhash) {
var account_one_balance =;
console.log("account one balance after sendCoin:", account_one_balance.toNumber());
} else {

// output:
account one balance: 7000
account one balance after sendCoin: 6900

Spas Vutov
Mar 02 2018 09:03 UTC
@jyothishqburst It should work the same. Here is example of what I did - contract signature - public view returns(bool, string, string, uint), C# class -, how its called var getFunction = contract.GetFunction("getBetMetaInfo");
var resultget = await getFunction.CallDeserializingToObjectAsync<EventInfo>();
Mar 02 2018 09:42 UTC
@Vutov Thanks. It worked
Mar 02 2018 11:58 UTC
i need my ABI for verify on etherscan my contract , but always i add i get error
Juan Blanco
Mar 02 2018 16:48 UTC
@knocte oh is not what you think, mainly it is a fully refactored version of the current code generator, but also to replace the javascript code generator of vscode. Once it is done it will be hopefully very easy to generate anything from an abi
and yes iOS AOT wont work :(
@triston_abhi_twitter you need the HD Wallet
check thew workbooks
@jyothishqburst check the FunctionOutput class and DeserliasingToObject method
oh it is have been answered thanks :)
@oldbaker so you want to generate a service based on a delegate proxy that calls another contract
Juan Blanco
Mar 02 2018 16:53 UTC
or messages that do the same
how does it look your code at the moment?
@slqcyy check the events and filters
Martin Hsu
Mar 02 2018 17:32 UTC
i use the : var transactionReceipt = await transactionPolling.SendRequestAsync(() =>
web3.TransactionManager.SendTransactionAsync(account.Address, addressTo, new HexBigInteger(1))
the transaction is OK , but it will have exception : unknown transaction
i use scan to search, the transaction is OK.
But the code will have exception.
Mar 02 2018 20:42 UTC
@juanfranblanco we can delete dublicate contracts token ?