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Mar 2018
Juan Blanco
Mar 04 2018 08:46
@Binktogether_twitter you have to increase your nonce
@TarrahArshad I don't know what you are doing
what do you mean sign for contract verification
@Martin-Hsu you can create a filter using the smart contract address
check more information about filters (i don't know it that is exactly what you need)
Mar 04 2018 09:02
@juanfranblanco after deploy contract i try verify on etherscan and again i need update links for token show icon and social media and website in this step i get problem error for sign message verification
Andres G. Aragoneses
Mar 04 2018 09:09
@juanfranblanco re "and yes iOS AOT wont work :(" -> I hope then that you don't remove the previous ways of doing things because I'm using Nethereum from iOS
Juan Blanco
Mar 04 2018 12:10
oh no
@knocte the code generation is for tooling only
Andres G. Aragoneses
Mar 04 2018 16:57
ah I see
knocte @knocte is eager to test the new release from nuget? (will it be -pre or not?)
Mar 04 2018 20:57
Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client.RpcClientUnknownException - why would i be getting this?