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Mar 2018
Mar 14 2018 00:54
Good night, I'm doing a college job. Is it possible for me to create a simple app and call an "api" through this my app that creates a smart contract?
Mar 14 2018 06:28
@juanfranblanco Hi, Thanks for your suggestions.In addition to using address for authentication ,would signing using private key be more secure? Will that be a better approach than normal authentication (using JWT we have done) for webservices?
Juan Blanco
Mar 14 2018 10:35
@sumathyvenugopal yes that is what I meant
Mar 14 2018 11:05
@juanfranblanco Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
Jonathan Sheely
Mar 14 2018 21:03
Can someone tell me why the PrivateKey length for HD Wallet is more than 64 characters
var walletAccount = new Wallet(NBitcoin.Wordlist.English, NBitcoin.WordCount.Twelve);
walletAccount.GetAccount(0).PrivateKey.length == 66