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Mar 2018
Mar 24 2018 10:19
hi all
im new mem in nethereum
i can't connect to netherum server
please help me,
thank you
Juan Blanco
Mar 24 2018 11:28
@pcuycs there is not a Nethereum server. Also
Have you got any client running?
@tcsekhar did you solve your problem? I see a transaction from 6 hours ago
Mar 24 2018 13:38
@juanfranblanco - sorry that wasn't him. Was me. Contract worked fine and I was able to send the transaction with await, but seems that @tcsekhar
might need to do things differently without asynch.
Mar 24 2018 15:44
@juanfranblanco hi
@juanfranblanco i created full platform for ERC20 ICO . can u invest me we share to all poeple ?
Mar 24 2018 20:28
Hi. With javascript if I call some contract function that transfers ether, Metamask wallet pops up asking user to confirm. Do we have something similar with Nethereum?