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Apr 2018
Apr 05 2018 11:10
Hi Juan,
we have just started using your Nethereum Library and are really proud of the work you do.
We have a question now: Are there any docs to find explanations for each function that is in the library. For example what the difference is between the SendTransactionAsync() and SendTransactionAndWaitForReceiptAsync(). We couldn't find this in de docs section
Apr 05 2018 11:31
Hi @juanfranblanco , I'm running into some issues when executing multiple functions on a contract at once
So the way I do this is by executing the SendTransactionAsync method multiple times, and awaiting all tasks afterwards
The error I get is the following:
Nethereum.JsonRpc.Client.RpcResponseException: 'the tx doesn't have the correct nonce. account has nonce of: 124 tx has nonce of: 125'
So what I think should happen is that in the synchronous part of the SendTransactionAsync, the nonce id should be obtained and increased before kicking it off into some async thing
Or something with Locking needs to be put around it :)
What do you think?
Jonathan Sheely
Apr 05 2018 17:40
In TransactionInput constructor. What is data? It's a string value and not sure what one would put in there
Apr 05 2018 18:26
@juanfranblanco hello I have a question about vs code plugin solidity
you are author ?
code style check the interval is very large, it spend about 10-20 min for change spell check
how I can custom run spell check ?