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Apr 2018
Nhat Nguyen
Apr 06 2018 08:49
hello @juanfranblanco :D Does Nethereum have any function to get all transactions of address? If not, does have any for get tx in block?
Apr 06 2018 14:11

Guys, good morning, everyone.

I'm following this example => but I do not find the class marked on this line => http: // nethereum. Can anyone help?

Juan Blanco
Apr 06 2018 14:21
@ramonB1996 no there is not specific documentation for each method
the aim is that each method is self documented
although for rpc methods the name matches the Ethereum RPC standard, so each method functionality is the same
@garyng2000 no
there is not
@devedse you need to use the same Web3 instance or Nonce Service
to keep track of your nonces
^^ for locking
@CryptoAlphaOne the examples are executable as workbooks
download that and open it with
although it is better if you start with
downloading all the workbooks to experiment
Apr 06 2018 14:52
@juanfranblanco Very, very, very thank you, I'll test here.