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Apr 2018
Apr 19 2018 11:56
Good day may i know how to set gas Limit in nethereum?

var recieptFirstAmountSend = TokenContract.GetFunction("transfer").SendTransactionAsync("0xffd7f34fd39ad49653ad32abc277fa0c50dcc26d", address, amount);

The transaction is not sending , i am using ganache-cli

Sorry where are my manners.

Good day i am new in this group,

Nice to meet you all hoping we learn something new together

Daniel Krotov
Apr 19 2018 13:54
@juanfranblanco I must first thank you for all your work on this project. I currently am working on a Unity project and I am trying to get a high score submitted via CheckSubmitScore. However when I make the call, I get a response in unity stating "Insufficient funds for gas * price + value". I have deployed a contract on Ropsten testnet and copied over the contract address and ABI to the contract service. I then assigned the address owner and userAddress to my currently signed in account. Since this is my first project, I am sure this is just something stupid I am doing, but I have yet to see what the issue is as of yet and thought I would reach out in parallel to see if anyone here had any ideas.
Daniel Krotov
Apr 19 2018 14:27
So one slight change to the above post...I noticed that the url in the project wasn't pointing to my testnetwork, so I changed the url address to "" and now I get the error "{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32000,"message":"exceeds block gas limit"}}"
Juan Blanco
Apr 19 2018 15:23
@CryptoAlphaOne you can do exactly the same in Nethereum as in MyEthereWallet
what is exactly your issue
post an example of your code in comparison to my ether wallet and can guide you from there
@jsheely ill let the infura team know
Juan Blanco
Apr 19 2018 15:34
@xtr33me on the first, yes you were pointing to a different network with an account with no balance on it
Juan Blanco
Apr 19 2018 15:41
Daniel Krotov
Apr 19 2018 16:26
Thanks @juanfranblanco ...I'll see if I can figure out the problem from that. Do you know a way to be able to run against the test networks from within Unity? I seem to have to compile to webgl and run in browser to see the true errors, otherwise I always see an error for inefficient funds. Should I be able to run/debug from Unity itself?
Apr 19 2018 17:13
@juanfranblanco how to set datetime type in code ?
      * //the start time of the sale (new Date("Jan 22 2018 18:00:00 GMT").getTime() / 1000)
       uint256 public start = 1516644000;
Juan Blanco
Apr 19 2018 17:32
@xtr33me you don't need to run it in webgl just use the player
Sign the transaction your self instead of using metamask
Juan Blanco
Apr 19 2018 17:38
Here there is a double implementation
Apr 19 2018 19:08

@juanfranblanco I want to send my coins for only 1 cent,
see => <=,
payment only the price of a 0.00000001 GAS, as I do via plus your code does not allow me to do this. It only performs a transfer if I put the default value that is 0.00021 or a value above that.

Look here> =

I always make my transfers with Ether 0.000021 rate value ($ 0.01), via your code looks like it gets to succeed in sending 0.00021 Ether ($ 0.12), a zero in that case makes all the difference.

Apr 19 2018 20:29
Hey I've got a quick question: I'm trying to decode a bytes32 from a DTO into a string. It's working fine with "address", but my "bytes32" output turns into garbled symbols. Is there a further conversion I have to do to get it to look like the address output? (0x....)
Daniel Krotov
Apr 19 2018 21:09

@juanfranblanco Thanks for the reply. However when I run in Unity I get back to my error of
{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32000,"message":"insufficient funds for gas * price + value"}}


{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32000,"message":"exceeds block gas limit"}}

I have upped my current mod of your logic at a git link below. Do you see anything off?

Now mind you this is running on the ropstein Test Net...but I don't think that should matter right? As stated before, when I build this and run in a browser, then I don't get the insufficient funds error, but I still see the block gas limit error.