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Apr 2018
Apr 24 2018 05:02
I'm using below code Account account = new Account(privateKey, Chain.Ropsten);
var web3 = new Web3(account, "");
Contract contract = web3.Eth.GetContract(ContractABI, ContractAddress);
var transferFn = contract.GetFunction("transfer"); but getting System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void Nethereum.Web3.Accounts.Account..ctor(System.String, Nethereum.Signer.Chain)'. please help
Apr 24 2018 05:58
@chukwuemekanweke , thank you so much , its working now, after fixing dll version issue
Juan Blanco
Apr 24 2018 06:00
@_Salazar_F_twitter you need to enable personal in geth
also you can use a ManagedAccount
@TarrahArshad check getting started with smart contracts
in the docs that uses the standard interaface for the token
or the eip20 library
everything is the same
Salazar, F. 🎖
Apr 24 2018 12:05
@juanfranblanco How can I do this?
in fact the function is "web3.Personal.UnlockAccount.SendRequestAsync (senderAddress, password, new HexBigInteger (120))"
I got the name wrong up there.
Juan Blanco
Apr 24 2018 12:07
you need to change HexBigInteger 130, to just 120
also in geth.. when launched on the rpc settings include "personal"
another option is to use Accounts
or a Managed Account (you still need personal)
check the docs section Accounts
you can also check the workbooks section in the docs and download them
Salazar, F. 🎖
Apr 24 2018 12:09
Alright! Thanks
Salazar, F. 🎖
Apr 24 2018 12:15
One more question ... I want to deploy a smart contract, but I'm waiting for the parity to sync the node (it's almost over). After syncing, will I need to wait for the next few times or is it going quick?
Apr 24 2018 15:30
Hi @juanfranblanco , recently I started using Nethereum.HDWallet to create a wallet, but I have one doubt, can we publish this wallet to AppStore, I heared that Appstore rejecting the few Blockchain wallets which have a lean node. So I want to know the is there any wallets available in the AppStore which were using Nethereum.HdWallet