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May 2018
May 08 2018 03:54 UTC
Good day Enigmatic,
Thank you for the response , I will try to change the contract and check if it works.
May 08 2018 05:55 UTC
@juanfranblanco @EnigmaticUnreal_twitter following up from above about Nethereum.HdWallet dlls for unity 4.6
First off, thanks for the images @EnigmaticUnreal_twitter
I've done a console app and built the dll's
I'm bringing over the dlls to unity and I notice that there are multiple dlls for each package
Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 10.54.39 PM.png
Should I use the net451 dll or the netstandard1.1 dll?
Also one other random question, once I upgrade unity to experimental 4.6, I lose basic things like the System.String class
Am I crazy, or do I need to import some package?
May 08 2018 06:33 UTC

@EnigmaticUnreal_twitter Good Day,

I have tried your Solidity Codes and mapfiles work but the GetFiles function is not working.

I dont know why but when i was testing the solidity codes in remix it returns the expected results in GetFiles
For the meantime i will use mapfiles and i will try to find the problem. Thank you for the help @EnigmaticUnreal_twitter . Please message me if you have any suggestions.
May 08 2018 06:54 UTC
I have found the bug i should declare the sender address for it to get the DTO
Thank you for the assistance and the Solidity Codes i have learn new
May 08 2018 07:33 UTC
@juanfranblanco thanks! However, same problem as the issue ethereum/go-ethereum#16678
I'll modify the contract. I think is te best solution
May 08 2018 08:07 UTC
@juanfranblanco I am now using Nethereum BlockChainStorage to store data to Azure tables, however the timestamps are all current time but not the timestamp of the transaction
is there any ways to store the timestamp of the transaction?