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May 2018
May 10 2018 16:44 UTC
Hi Juan Blanco
May 10 2018 18:05 UTC
I have one question
Is it possible with this code to star eth mining pool .. i mean backend
So i would need just to functions for inaterting data to tables and thats all
May 10 2018 18:12 UTC
And i can use nethereum source to mine eth coins?
I mean that is for eth or for another altcoins based on eth
May 10 2018 20:24 UTC
@juanfranblanco hello Juan
I'd like to ask if CallDeserializingToObjectAsync can work with C# 8.0 tuples
it currently depends on attributes
but I'd really like to call it like myFunc.CallDeserializingToObjectAsync<(long someProp, string someOtherProp)>()
because I currently have to declare structs with sole purpose to deserialize the value. It still being not a business object, but just some DTO that should be deconstructed into others objects